New Orleans DWI Attorney Saves Dentist’s Drivers License

If charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) in New Orleans, Louisiana, you face serious potential consequences. Depending on the severity of the offense and your prior history, the state could revoke your driver’s license, charge you with steep fines and send you to jail for days, months or years.

Stephen Hebert, an experienced DWI attorney in New Orleans with many years of experience in helping clients to limit the negative consequences of drunk driving arrests.
He understands the confusion and devastation clients endure because of alcohol and drugs, and he knows how to alleviate the issues that propel those feelings.

Protect your freedom and your license. Visit DWI attorney to review your case to determine the best course of action.  You may have been arrested for the first time following a night out with friends, or you may have been convicted of DWI many times before. You may have gotten into a dangerous situation that has resulted in a felony DWI charge. You may be a teenager, an adult social drinker, or a person with a serious drug or alcohol problem.

Whatever your circumstances, this lawyer will meet with you, advise you — and if you retain his services — he will defend you vigorously and aggressively, striving to provide the best legal defense available for your situation, and to the fullest extent provided under Louisiana law.

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Grand Family Dentistry-Best In Baton Rouge

Thanks to modern techniques in dentistry, Dr. Grand is the top dentist in Baton Rouge. He has state of the art equipment to stay on top of the latest procedures to insure that you have the most effective dental care. Dr. Grand can save a damaged tooth that otherwise would be pulled due to infected nerve damage called an abscess. This infection causes swelling and the formation of pus. An abscessed tooth can be extremely painful as well as dangerous to your overall health. The infection can graduate to your jaw and neck and literally threaten your well being.

Dr. Grand can determine if a root canal is feasible by examination and x-ray. If the treatment option consists of root canal therapy, the diseased nerve of the tooth is removed and replaced with a substance that makes the tooth function properly. If the tooth is a wisdom tooth, it is usually extracted. Prognosis is generally quite good. In severe cases of infection, antibiotics may be prescribed for a few days. A temporary crown is put in place until the permanent crown is made by a lab.

Once at home pain management consists of anti-inflammatory medication.  During the follow up appointment, the canal is sterilized and a permanent material is used to fill the canal. Then the permanent crown is attached to the tooth. In essence, you have a brand new healthy tooth that you can brush and floss just like a normal tooth that will last you for many years. for more information, go to